As in any busy  company before it is launched, the entreprenuer have to look a few factors:

  • Level of supply and demand- which in effect will lead to the company outlining their objectives and strategies to be used.

For the objectives to be acheived the entreprenuer need to take the company resources

  • Capital – how much is available for this project
  • Labour – how many people will be required to give quality service and how much this will cost
  • Raw materials – who are the suppliers and what kind of relationship are they likely to have with the company
  • Information – how much research has really gone into this new project and what is the feedback and how can this be implemented.

Not to forget we have to forcus also on the technology to be used to ensure the knowledge will be passed on to a whole range of people using the kind of new technology that exists.

     After the objectives are outlined, we need a strategy to implement them:

  •  Labour to be required
  • Budget to be used on the initial launch
  • Marketing strategy and advertising

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